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Chris Herbert - Co-Founder


Chris has been helping companies and organizations find voices that resonate with the public for more than 15 years. She’s got a passion for building strong brands and a personality to match – just look at that red hair!

Her high-energy style and tireless work ethic has drawn the praise of those she works with and her strategic mind in the tech and consumer products and services industry continually draws the attention of national and international media.

Chris is constantly creating new strategies to maximize value and ROI for Pendulum clients so if you’ve got an idea for the next great product or service, she wants to hear from you!


Chris McCloud - Co-Founder


Chris has a way with words and he’s not afraid to use them, especially to help clients get the attention they deserve. He loves to get creative with clients and leverage ideas to help them stand out in a crowd but his ability to think on his feet and quickly assess a challenging situation helps clients navigate safely when the tide is rising quickly.

Chris believes in building relationships and covets trust as the most important commodity. His attention to detail and knowledge of the journalism world has earned the respect of reporters and clients throughout the Midwest.

His background in issue based communications has leveraged win after win for clients in both the public and private sectors.


Mikaela Hunt


Mikaela loves telling stories, but not just any stories. She has a knack for finding the compelling, dynamic kind that resonate with audiences. The best part is, she does it for every client! Everyone has a great story to tell, you just have to know how to make it come alive through their words and video, and that’s Mikaela’s specialty. She’s been telling stories that way for 20 years because helping companies and organizations connect with their audience through brand journalism is critical to their success.

Mikaela’s ability to drive engagement and move the needle though social media channels with video and other storytelling content has helped clients in both B2B and B2C sectors gain reach, engagement and drive sales. She can do the same for you! If you’re ready to tell your story, Mikaela can help!



Brock Schmaltz


Some people are born with the gift of the artful word and sometimes it is hereditary. The son of an award-winning journalist, Brock Schmaltz has built a career using his gift to helping clients turn jumbled and fledgling thoughts into messages that resonate with people. His innate knowledge of what the media needs and how to make it easily digestible has allowed him to build meaningful relationships that he leverages to drive desired results.

Oh, but this man has more than just one gift. He’s like a human version of LinkedIn. His network knows no boundaries and he leverages that network to connect the good people and businesses. The end results is a strong partnership that thrives.



Evan is an expert communicator, helping clients deliver the right message at the opportune time. As a former full-time—and still part-time—business journalist, Evan knows how to convey even the most complex topics in a straightforward way. Whether providing copy for a company website or marketing campaign, or connecting with target audiences through press releases and social media, Evan is telling a thoughtful and effective story. He is reliable and trustworthy, and works with an attention to detail and responsiveness that makes him a great extension of the team.



Shannon is a marketing strategist known for her client service super powers! She has 12+ years of experience helping a variety of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and membership-based organizations create meaningful connections with their audiences. Shannon often acts as an extension to in-house marketing teams to bring a fresh perspective and lead special projects. With specific expertise in the financial, construction and agricultural sectors, Shannon is inspired to uncover new ways for businesses to offer authentic experiences for their customers, both on and offline.

Need a fresh perspective for a short-term project or an extensive long-term marketing plan? Shannon can help!


Erin Laviola - COPYWRITER

Erin gets to the heart of the story in order to tell the best narrative possible. A seasoned journalist, she was part of the original team that launched the digital streaming network “CBSN” for CBS News in New York City. In that role, Erin produced interviews with congressmen, presidential candidates, health experts, financial mavens and tech industry leaders. Prior to CBS, she was a producer at both 10TV and NBC4 in Columbus.

Erin has used her journalism background as a launch pad using her abilities as a wordsmith to craft compelling narratives for clients. She also has a unique perspective on how to achieve media attention for clients, having been on the receiving end of public relations pitches for nearly a decade.


Carissa Richardson


Carissa is a marketing strategist with 13 years of agency experience developing marketing strategies that create meaningful connections between brands and their customers. She is an expert in paid advertising planning and buying as well as social media but understand that most people aren’t. She loves collaborating with clients and breaking down these sometimes complex or foreign subjects in a way that is educational, relatable, and understandable.

Carissa has a unique background which combines traditional media such as TV, radio, and print with digital media including social, paid search (PPC/SEM),and display advertising. Her years of experience with both new and traditional media, allow her to help you meet your advertising goals by giving you advice on the best ways to connect with your customer, no matter where they are.​




Lorraine herds cats, and executives, with precision and purpose! She supports us and makes our lives a heck of a lot easier and makes sure everything at Pendulum runs smoothly.  Lorraine spent eleven years at NetJets® Inc., supporting a number of key leadership members.

She has impeccable organizational skills that keep the ball rolling with clients and team members.  Our favorite is her signature tag line – “Standing by…” and we love that she is!


Jen Donaghy


As our promotional strategist, Jen Donaghy’s passion is to put your name in lights! Lights, clothing, glassware and every other promotional item under the sun. She has more than 30 years of experience helping companies and organizations stay top of mind with their target audiences. Putting a client with the right product to drive brand awareness and recognition is her passion. Jen helps clients develop a stronger brand presence through the use of high quality and meaningful products for any occasion. Whether it’s a special occasion or just part of an annual marketing plan, Jen has what you need to brag on yourself!



AJ Fox


Lights, Camera, Action! Over the last decade no form of online communication has become a more important business marketing tool than video. It has gone from a luxury to a must and that’s why AJ Fox is a very sought after man.

His cinematic style and unique storytelling ability makes each project look like a high-priced blockbuster, minus the big budget part. Each project begins with a great story then, using a full complement of cameras, lights, cranes, drones, dollies, boom microphones, and more, he tells that story in the most visually compelling way. If you are ready to show the world who you are, AJ wants to talk!



Heather Miller


Heather’s passion for Graphic design goes beyond her own business.  She believes so strongly in the relevancy of graphic design in today’s market place that she also teaches the next generation.  Heather brings 20 years of experience to the Pendulum team and helps breathe new life into tired aging brands and helps new companies make their mark in today’s competitive marketplace.

Columbus College of Art and Design Grad
10 years freelance

Experience in:

Visual Branding, logos, business cards, website print materials




Matt has been engaging with marketing and advertising professionals since 2005 and working alongside luxury brands and agencies in Chicago, Saint Louis and around the world. Some of his clients include PayPal, The Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels, Abbott Labs, Merivale, Monsanto and HON. And while Matt’s focus is to generate a positive ROI for his clients first and foremost, his cinematic, story-driven advertising continues to pull at the heartstrings of its target audience.


His love for being a practitioner of brands has opened doors in ways he never imagined.

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